Lerumo La Madima


Dried cancerbush (Sutherlandia frutescens), is an attractive legume with delicate red flowers pictured on the South African national postage stamp. Long used by indigenous people in South Africa to treat cancer, tuberculosis, flu, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and AIDS, researchers have recently done successful trials with this medicinal plant.



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The traditional Tswana name of ‘Phetola’ alludes to this: ‘Phetola’ means it changes, meaning that the plant changes the course of many illnesses into a favourable outcome. The North Sotho name of Mmusa pelo wa noka means the medicine is able to make you feel younger and sexually active. The medicine is also known to be a powerful blood-purifier or all-purpose tonic.

Uses of Sutherlandia includes its use as a tonic for: Enhancing well-being, Immune support, Longevity, Stress, depression and anxiety, Wasting from cancer, TB and AIDS, Quality of life for Cancers, HIV/AIDS and TB, Appetide stimulants in wasted patience, but not in healthy people, Influenza, Chronic fatigues syndrome, Viral hepatitis, Asthma and bronchitis, Type 2 diabetes, Mild to moderate hypertention, Rheumatoid arthritis and Peptic ulcer, gastritis and reflux. 

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