R'vive Health Colon Cleanse Kit


This all-in-one, 100% natural colon cleanse kit from R’vive has everything you need for a healthy digestive system. The Colon Purity formula and Colon Momentum capsules work together to help rid your body of toxins and parasites, stimulate digestion and circulation, and help you get rid of all that nasty built-up waste in your digestive tract. With so many refined foods and environmental pollutants becoming part of our daily lives, it becomes difficult for your colon to properly expel all the toxic substances that end up in your system. With a healthy, natural colon cleanse from R'vive, you can get your digestive tract back in balance and start feeling healthier and more energetic.



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Your Colon Cleanse Kit contains:

  • 1 x R’vive Colon Purity
  • 1 x R’vive Colon Momentum
  • 1 x shaker jar; 400ml with mixing ball
  • 1 x user manual; 43 pages

By following the R’vive Colon Cleanse programme, you’ll enjoy the following health benefits:

  • Better digestion and regular bowel movements
  • Reduced gas and bloating
  • Better nutrient absorption; improved energy levels
  • A stronger immune system
  • Reduced food cravings
  • A lighter, cleaner feeling and loss of excess weight
  • A clearer, healthier complexion
  • Fewer body and breath odours

R’vive Colon Purity
Made with psyllium husk, bentonite clay, peppermint and slippery elm, Colon Purity flushes out toxins, heavy metals and built-up waste.

R’vive Colon Momentum
Stimulates the digestive system and promotes healthy bowel movements. Helps to eliminate toxins and parasites. Made with aloe leaf, triphala, ginger, fenugreek and culver root. 


Dosage and duration will depend on the intensity of your cleanse. The user manual provides detailed instructions on the following:

  • Gentle Cleanse (30 days)
  • Deep Cleanse on vegan diet (9 days, 3 phases)
  • Deep Cleanse on liquid diet (9 days, 3 phases)


R’vive Colon Purity
Organic psyllium husk, bentonite clay, apple pectin, slippery elm, fulvic acid, humic acid, peppermint

R’vive Colon Momentum
Cape aloe leaf, cascara sagrada bark, triphala, Chinese rhubarb root, gentian, plantain, ginger, fennel, capsicum, fenugreek, liquorice, blue vervain, culver root

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