21 Day Alkaline Diet Plan


The Alkaline diet plan is a comprehensive alkaline listyle plan which helps one transition from a largely acidic eating habit, to the alkaline eating habits. 



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A guide to starting the journey into healing the alkaline way, a comprehensive diet plan which will help you transition into the lifestyle. A step by step program which will help you clean up the colon and improve your overall healthy by simply switching from a diet rich in saturated fats, sugar and artificial salts, GMO and Processed Junk.

This diet plan is the best way to eat clean alkaline food, teas, juices smoothies and water to help regulate, flush and control the pH of the body and blood. This is the best diet plan to help anyone achieve their health goal. 

10 Symptoms Your Colon Is Toxic  
Just like any other body part, even your colon symptoms can turn toxic or it might not  
function the right way. So, how to know if your colon is toxic?

Here are 10 vital signs to look for:  
1. You will suffer some digestive problems like diarrhoea, constipation, and IBS  
2. Muscle and joint pain  
3. Anxiety, fatigue, poor memory, mood swings, brain fog and depression  
4. Recurrent bladder or vaginal infection  
5. Skin rashes  
6. Indigestion and stomach ache  
7. Acidity and bloating  
8. Often feeling unwell  
9. Getting season sickness  
10. Poor immune system  
Once you observe the above symptoms, a natural colon cleanse is what you need to do.  
Though there are many ways you could do this, molohealth.co.za recommends the greener  
way. Just follow the natural colon cleansing diet plan for 7 days to get rid of harmful toxins.  
Why Is Colon Cleansing Important?  
Think of your colon as a box, where you throw food inside every day. What happens when  
you dump food every single day (for 3 times for even more)? Yes of course, you will be  
emptying the box but you are not cleaning it.  
Now, imagine how this box will actually look like after 10 or 15 years? You will see thick mucus  
formed on the walls, probably 1 inch deeper and of course the added rotten smell. This  
mucus is full of fungus, yeast, parasites, bacteria, and mould. The mere thought can make  
you feel disgusting. But this is what your digestive tract is surviving with. All the while you kept  
eating and just emptied. You haven’t cleaned it. Most people never cleanse their internal  
body parts and wonder why their poop smells so bad. The reason is obvious. Everything inside  
is rotten.

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