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Molo Health was birthed when the Founder Nthoneng Molo Dinaala started suffering from pre-diabetic symptoms back in 2016. After being a sports enthusiast, and someone who generally avoided all things bad ever since embarking on my journey to personal development, living what one would call a well balanced healthy life. Strangely I started suffering from chronic fatigue, foggy thoughts accompanied by slight memory loss and also low libido, it came as an absolute shock as one would imagine.

What was happening to me especially because ever since i adjusting my lifestyle in back in 2013, I had stopped living what one would consider a foul lifestyle which could potentially lead to the symptoms I was suffering. Luckily for me and I say I was lucky because I ventured into learning about herbal and natural ways of healing the body onstead of the media dominant allopathic, something in my could not accept that I could be living on insulin shots. From that point on I changed my diet and have not looked back ever since I went vegan and in less than three weeks of nothing but raw vegan food inspired byb the man who taught me how to heal myself the great Dr Sebi, I discovered that food is medicine because all my ailments went away and mot once did I go see a doctor, I did it all by listening to Dr Sebi and following instructions.

Indeed my obedience paid of as I noticed that my energy levels shot back up, my brain cleared and my libido problems completely vanished. This is when I learned that one could heal/reverse all disease such cancer, high blood, sinus, fibroids, asthma etc, including yona diabetes just as I cured myself using nothing but food and herbal supplements. I knew that it was not by coincidence that I fell sick and consequently learned that the herbalist, naturalistic way of approaching healing is far better than the allopathic which is highly toxic and dangerous to the body.

I then made it my mission in life to educate those who just like me are trusting that anything on the shelf was good to eat because it has been "checked", should naturally be good for human consumption. The same people who just like me eventually fall sick and become victims to the pharmaceutical medical industry which leads most of us down an expensive medical bill and even mortality.

It is the truth and nothing but the truth that drove me to provide these herbs and supplements to anyone looking for true healing, not to manage the disease.
Health is a divine right and no one deserves to be sick....

About Us

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